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Aside from a few interactions at the caern (a pleasant discussion with Rabbit one evening, a more serious talk with Briari about plans for delivering a blow to the Queen's forces, and a meet and greet session with a new Fury named Monica), it's been pretty quiet. Briari was going to float an alternative idea to what I'd proposed earlier past Thane, so that gave me an excuse to stop work on crafting a communication blackout "prison" to cut one of the wraiths off from the hive mind--as it might no longer be necessary.

I used the time instead to practice creating rifts in the gauntlet, building up the confidence to take my own trip through. MUCH easier than the old technique I was using that took nearly half the night to pull off. Still, it seems prudent to take some time to bridge the gauntlet. And from what I've read from my library, hastily crossing the gauntlet can hurt or kill even Dreamspeakers. I can definitely sense the energies at play, but I can also shield against them. Given time. And I think my cabin, now that it's linked to two nodes, is definitely seeing some thinning of the gauntlet around it as a result. I imagine it's harder to cross over where the gauntlet is thicker, in more developed areas, like it is for the garou.

It was good getting back into the umbra. I played with so much fire, lightning, and kinetics--unbound by the walls of my sanctum. Glorious. Simply glorious.

I also started work.... The cougar illusion is fine, but I'd like something human. I've been working on a kinetic sculpture of my own body. It has "substance" that an illusion does not. And I'm able to dress the kinetic sculpture with actual clothing to make it more realistic. So.... craft a kinetic sculpture, throw a jedi robe over it, a little bit of illusion to mask the non-existent face, and presto. A Jedi to walk among the garou. The kicker? If I drop the effect, the robes fall to the ground empty, just like Kenobi in Episode IV when Vader lightsabers him. The work was not without its hiccups, though. Before I got the hang of the kinetic sculpture's movements, it inadvertently destroyed half a dozen bits of clothing, forces ripping the fabric apart. I need more practice with it before it's ready for use in public. And I'm going to buy a few new Jedi cloaks and have them "smoked" by the fireplace and doused in Wildlife Research Center's Earth Masking Scent spray (maybe I should imbue the masking scent, just to be on the safe side, and then run it past Salem or Slug as a test run?) so as to intentionally mask my own scent, should I ever need to go out physically in said garb. (I would really like to experience the caern's umbra in person.)

God, my bones are vibrating from excitement.

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