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Jeremiah's Gathering/Funeral

I'd heard that one of the local garou, a Gnawer named Jeremiah, had fallen in battle and that there was a Gathering (a funeral) being held for him. The moon was thin, but I wasn't sure how my presence might be received, so opted to stick with using the Brings-the-Pack cougar illusion--just in case. Seems to be my common default for dealing with the garou these days, though none have yet attempted to attack me, much less even touch me (or, rather, the illusion of the cougar or the Jedi).

The event seemed something like a free-form funeral, with various stories about people's interactions with Jeremiah. He didn't seem terribly well-known overall. I recall my path crossing his on two occasions some time ago: once when he was defending Val from someone and a second time where I simply spoke with him and we made introductions. I kept to the edges of the Gathering, back away from the other handful of garou present, so as to not disturb the event. And I made sure to not direct any sensory magicks towards what appeared to be a ritual for fear of potentially upsetting some balance inadvertently, so I have no idea if there was anything spiritual taking place at this funeral. (I was dreadfully curious, though.) I eventually shared the story of how I admired how I had once observed Jeremiah protect Val from a human seeking to do her harm, and how he had resolved the issue without violence (although I did push the poor human that'd gotten out of his depth without knowing it with some Mind magick to prompt him to go home and rethink his life). Felix played some music and then there was--I imagine it was a Bone Gnawers' concept of a feast. I departed rather than mingle. It was starting to feel weird and awkward, like funerals tend to do for people you only barely knew.

Still. Sad, sobering affairs, funerals. Life is very transient, and moreso for Gaia's warriors.
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