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I packed my stuff up to head out to Portland for the weekend, visiting with the Hollow Ones I'm mentoring. On the way out of town I had a nagging sensation that I needed to re-read an article on the cross-cultural differentiation among what they perceived to be the fundamental elements. I swung by a coffee shop in town, grabbed a coffee, decided it was too crowded, and went to Harbor Park to read and drink coffee there instead. Right as I was finishing things up, Trixie showed up. We had some light chatter before I basically told her outright that I knew what she was. Claimed Val had told me. (She kinda did via Mindspeak after I pointed Trixie out and asked WTF?) She didn't seem to care one bit. She's pretty open about it. (Must be nice. Or naive.)  

She's got a line in with Karuvar, which is good, because the other night I'd left an open Notepad window on Karuvar's computer mentioning that there was a lynx-shifter in town and that he'd have to chat with Val for more information.

Trixie got to talking about the different shifters she's met, outside of wolves, and I mentioned we had a fox-shifter in town. She got pretty excited about that. I offered to pass along a means of contacting her until I realized she likely didn't have any consistent means of getting in touch with her, so I gave her one of the disposable cells with 30 minutes of call time on it and gave her a lesson in how to answer a call, how to dial a call, what to avoid saying over the phone because someone might be listening in, and techniques for destroying a phone because it can be used to track down  numbers she has called or that have called her, which would be bad if police or Spirals got their hands on it.

After I left, I fired off texts to the Walkers and Thomas about there being a friendly lynx in the area and how to contact her.

5 hours of driving, then it'll be dinner with the kids and a night spent drinking and talking rudimentary Forces magick. Joyous!

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