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One of the things I'm concerned about with my plan of isolating one of the wraiths is that they seem capable of going umbral. (Or perhaps one or more Spirals have been assisting them with that?) I need to block that potential route of escape off, which meant exploring something I'd not done before: thickening the gauntlet in an area. I've had plenty of experience with thinning the gauntlet, as I do that at least once per week to "feed" Kargamis (my Chimera spirit "familiar") his weekly ration of tass. But--oddly enough--I'd never had a need to thicken the gauntlet. So, for the past week and change, that's what I've been doing in my sanctum. And now I wish I'd been doing this earlier. Between my regular thinning of the gauntlet, my discussions with Kargamis, my examination of the reflections between physical forces and spiritual reflections, and my studies of the caern's energies--coupled with watching the pattern spiders repairing the rip torn in the caern's gauntlet over the course of a few days.... Working with thickening the gauntlet gave me some better insight into the subtleties of altering spiritual energies. It no longer takes me half the night to thin a small hole in the gauntlet. I can do it in a minute. And it's coming faster and faster as I practice. Kargamis is here with me in my house. Not in the spirit world like he usually is, but in the physical realm. He's not powerful enough to materialize, so this is a relatively rare event for him. But maybe it doesn't have to be in the future.
Oh, yeah. And I'm pretty sure I can make it damn hard for that wraith to cross over into the gauntlet if he gives it a try.
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