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Teleportin' and tradin'

Kargamis returned with good news: Pavel had a trio of interested parties. Time was short, and I've gotten very familiar with Pavel's abode, so I opted to do a careful, extended ritual and just teleport there instead of drive a grand total of 44 hours. I rarely do that sort of thing as it's sometimes very disorienting and, in the back of my mind, I can imagine 8 billion ways it could one day go wrong.

Long story made short, I ended up getting my cougar ring back as well as a nifty artifact that lowers the Gauntlet in an area and gives you a "feel" for the other side. (The latter is hard to explain with words.) It's appealing to look at and perfect for the Spirit work I've been doing more of recently. I think I'll put it in my sanctum on the fireplace mantle. Maybe it'll be of use to the garou from time to time, too. But I'm not taking that to the caern or Harbor Park unless I have permission. Pattern spiders are prooooobably not going to care for it, but I suspect the Wyld spirits might.

Ooooh. Sparkly.

Pavel, of course, extracted a hefty finder's fee, cleaning me out of my surplus tass. Again. He's like a really shrewd yard sale expert, always driving hard bargains, except with magical items and information instead of old clothes and ubiquitous music CDs. Although he did give me an approving nod at the recent work I'd done in Saint Claire and spreading information out to help mages at the other two cities the queens took up in. I think he might be taking a bit more of a shine to me.

He ought to. He's squeezed enough tass out of me over the past few years.

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