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The week before Christmas, Pavel tapped me for a favor, which resulted in me having to travel to Los Angeles to help lend aid to... Well, let's just say I ran defense for a coven doing a ritual to prevent what I'd essentially call "interdimensional krampuses" (krampusi? krampi?) from sneaking through the gauntlet on the solstice so they could make off with some kids. The old versions of Christmas have been oh so sanitized by modern day America.

I stayed in town with them for a few more days, letting the paradox bleed off (and because I doubt a vehicle I sat in would have stood up to being forced to harmonically vibrate for long periods of time, although that did give me some ideas for future Forces-related research into energy transmutation). I had some fascinating conversations with these other mages, giving a little advice to one who seemed stuck in his efforts to learn more about Forces magick, and talking politics. 

Yes. Politics. None of us were particularly thrilled about Trump; however, beneath the surface, this does appear as if it might be a power struggle between the Technocrats. Specifically, when the New World Order proved to be ineffectual in dealing with the Queens and the corresponding riots that occurred across the US these past few years, and with the masses becoming increasingly upset with the government, Trump is likely a pawn for one of the New World Order's naysayers: The Syndicate. Whether this transition is a good thing or a bad thing, we've got no idea. It does seem like, so long as business isn't interrupted, the Technocrats might be inclined to take a lot less interest in Tradition mages. So that would be a good thing.

It also means it's probably time to retire from my job as a stock portfolio analyst at Terminus,  as I used subtle bits of magick to identify the stocks that will perform better to eke out a slightly better than average percentage for them--and myself. I was super-careful to never directly influence anything actively; I only passively rode the ebbing and waning of the markets, occasionally making the bad picks to not have something that stood out suspiciously. Slow and steady is far less likely to be noticed than smash-n-grab. I'll turn in my resignation on Dec 31st. (The Walkers and Silver Fangs who own the corporation will be fine without me, but they're probably going to lose a quarter or a half percent on their portfolios.) Start the new year off with a clean slate. This entry was originally posted at http://nick-garou.dreamwidth.org/125739.html. Please comment there using OpenID.


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