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Now I have a node. Ho Ho Ho.

The meeting with the garou went relatively well. Thane said he wanted my identity known by the elder of every tribe present. Alicia seconded Than and then announced that she'd outed Benedict to the sept earlier and no one batted an eye. (That's because that one garou you need to worry about assassinating your brother one night is the one who won't tell you about it in advance. But I said nothing because, hello, middle of a negotiation.)  She seemed to be encouraging me to just reveal myself, going beyond what Thane asked. I countered with an offer to tell six garou, and the sept would know who to go to for that knowledge if it were ever needed. And one of those would be Thane. Thane bit, said the Warder (Alicia) needed to know as well. So I only needed four others, and I've already got those four others--on the nose--so, net, I only have to tell one person, Thane, who I don't exactly trust (Shadow Lord. Hello.) but I have to admit that I respect. Particularly, as he pointed out, that badgering/forcing someone to reveal information does not engender trust. He's right.

All in all, I am quite pleased with how that went. And, frankly, it felt a little weird NOT telling the sept Alpha--certainly for so long.

Post-decisions, some Furies voiced there concerns. Largely it seems as if they simply are unfamiliar with me and understandably nervous. I should pay them a visit, particularly since they asked, to parlay.

And Nolan seems curious as to how I'll mark my territory. President-elect Trump is rumored to be into watersports and suddenly it's the new and popular thing. :)

Bawn: The Sept Compound(#2075RAM)
Sweeping branches of evergreen pines form a sort of natural roof overshadowing most of this clearing. In the center is a fire pit with several old logs polished from use for seats. A separate stack of firewood is discreetly piled up at the base of an old spruce, protected from the damp by a tarp. At the edge of the clearing and extending back a bit into the woods resides a rough wooden structure with a slate tile roof. A stone slab rests off to one side of the clearing in a place of some prominence. Nestled in among the pines are a few hardy perennials--red alder, quaking aspen, and a big leaf maple or two--that, come spring, will create a profusion of color in the clearing. 
                 (+view works here)
A faint trail leads off to the east, and a bit north.
Bell of Ice
Stone slab
Obvious exits:
This is a North American cougar (Puma concolor couguar), which is not an uncommon animal in Washington State, although they are rarely seen by humans. Typical of the species, it has a slender, muscled body with a round head and pointed ears. Like most cougars, this particular specimen is substantially longer, taller, and heavier than the average wolf. He likely tips the scales at about 160lbs and measures nearly 8' from nose to tail: Much of that is certainly tail. This cougar's pelt is slightly more reddish-orange than usual, although not unusually so. Lithe, powerful, sinuous musculature is readily visible beneath the cat's short fur, giving some indication as to the power and speed available to this apex predator should it choose to use it. The black "mustache" marking around his nose and mouth is more pronounced than usual, giving the feline's already-handsome face an even more suave--almost debonair--appearance.
Karin is dressed in her typical street attire when she resumes her homid form on arrival -- jeans and sweatshirt -- though also wrapped in the crimson cloak that she returned with from the Umbra, given the weather, pulling up the hood for added protection from the cold. Like Reagan, she remains quiet, although in her case she does offer nods or waves of greeting to others present.
"It usually is." Thane murmurs aside to Alicia, sounding about as thrilled for excitement as he would be for a colonoscopy. He's not, just in case anyone actually questioned it. He stands up from where he was sitting by the well-stoked fire. His wardrobe is jeans, a turtleneck in black, a coat draped over a log over yonder.
It is (if just barely) Galliard moon, and (not barely) cold. The result of the former is that Felix is not in the mood to just sit around, and has ended up climbing one of the trees; the result of the latter is that he's perched up there not with his usual leather jacket but instead in a big, fluffy, thigh-length caramel-coloured probably-faux fur coat, like some sort of winter-adapted monkey. Or possibly a sloth. It's not a tree far from the fire, and he looks fairly comfy ensconced in the join of limb and trunk, but the flames still get a decidedly considering look. "Evenin'," he greets Monica and co. from above, as they arrive. The others have already been greeted.
Giving a nod of her head to each person that comes by, Alicia is taking a headcount of Sept members versus members of leadership. Clicking her tongue against her teeth, she lets out a slow breath after a moment of thought, then takes a seat. She pats a spot next to her as she spies Karin, giving her a grin, then offers a greetings to the others. "Hey guys. Thanks for coming."
A familiar-looking cougar appears atop an overhead limb attached to one of the trees. His arrival is quiet, though not overtly stealthy. Merely cat-like. For a large cat. He settles back onto his haunches to observe the proceedings.
Monica looks not the least bit surprised at the direction the greeting comes from, the Galliard offered a smirk and a, "Hey," in response. She gets a little closer to the fire, herself, looking for some place to sit, gesturing for Reagan to follow, her gaze momentarily caught by the arrival of the cougar. She offers him a nod, in turn, and, upon finding somewhere to sit, does so. "Not really much choice in the matter," she says. "Supposedly," is amended, noting the absences more than those assembled. "Got a new face in tow, though," she says, then, lightly nudging Reagan with her shoulder. "Not sure how many of you she's had a chance to meet yet."
Nolan has arrived.
Snakepatcher slowly treads into the sept compound, his heavy steps crushing the winter-brittle grasses flat. He paces half way around the clearing, greeting those he encounters with a sniff and an ear flick, then stops by Felix's tree and peers up at the Bone Gnawer, inspecting for any hint of glitter.
Thane takes note of those who arrive with his typical look of mild dissatisfaction. He seems to be waiting, and for what is apparently revealed as Brings-the-Pack makes his arrival. Only then does Thane clear his throat to draw attention before stating, "Let's get started." His gaze goes to Monica and then just past to settle on Reagan. "Step forward, introduce yourself."
Reagan gives Felix a nod at the greetings, offering Alicia a notably warmer one in turn as she otherwise follows Monica's lead. She walks with the Fury Elder when bidden, though the arrival of the Cougar gives her a moment of pause. She looks to the Elders a moment before giving the animal a fading glance, figuring it must be expected. With a deep breath she speaks when nudged, as if pressing the 'hello' button, "Reagan Holt, Rited Watches-TheSmall, Cliath Theurge of the Children of Gaia." Snapping at attention. She may have rehearsed that too many times. Thankfully she spouted it off roughly the same time Thane bid her to, making it only a fraction awkward.
Brings-the-Pack observes the proceedings with a casual air about him, but taking more interest in the new garou announcing herself to the sept. He does, however, remain silent while the garou conduct their business.
Leaning forward as Reagan makes her introduction, Alicia gives her an encouraging smile in her direction. "She is a brilliant researcher as well and I am sure we can utilize her big brain down the line for outside the box thinking."
Thane looks from Reagan to Monica and then Alicia before returning his eyes to the introduced Theurge. "Welcome to the sept of the Triquetral Accord. I'm sure there'll be chances to put that knowledge of your's to use. Now," He continues before tipping his head towards Alicia. "As the half moon has passed without any challengers to her claim, then I formally name Alicia Guards-the-Flame as the new Warder. My pack will continue to assist in Guardian duties for the time being, though I do encourage other Garou to consider taking the opportunity."
Felix has no hints of glitter whatsoever, though he does give Reagan a friendly smile at her introduction, and that's reasonably shiny. Still, nothing to worry about.
Monica offers Reagan a reassuring smile, motioning for her to relax, and sit down. Once the Theurge is settled in, she returns her attention back to Thane.
Nolan stands toward the edge, leaning one shoulder against a tree. For the moment, he remains silent, though he quirks an eyebrow at something Thane says.
Alicia nods her head firmly at the words of Thane, straightening herself up more as she gives a glance about the other members of the Sept. She takes in a deep breath, then says, "I promise to honor the Sept to the best of my ability and to ensure it's protection. We will have a strong partnership together." She says as she gives a look to Thane, offering a smile.
Currently the moon is in the waxing Full (Ahroun) Moon phase (93% full).
Reagan nods to the encouragements in turn. Looking a bit uncomfortable at being trumped up for her 'big brain' but otherwise accepts Thane's welcome with an inclination of her head. She then looks to Monica as she is guided to a spot to sit, tugging her coat closed as she goes into Deep Listen mode. She does however nod yet again towards Alicia, this time more of a congratulatory nod.
Thane turns his attention then up to the cougar in the tree. "Now it was awhile back Brings-the-Pack made a request of the sept, to claim the bowl here in the forests and the power at that site as his own territory. To my understanding, it would be treated as we treat one another's territories - private and requiring of permission to cross. Several of us had our concerns. This could be seen as a violation of the Litany, a risk of the caern and lands under our protection to the influences of a mage. We already allow him access to our caern itself. Between that and other actions he's taken to assist us, I personally feel fairly well assured he wouln't be a danger. However," He adds after a pause. "There's been a call for further assurance that we would take this risk educated and prepared should any outside trouble arise. Also, to grant a mage territory means we are, in all respects, acknowledging him as one of our own and under our protection and responsibility."
Thane addresses his next words directly up to Brings-the-Pack. "Some wanted you to name yourself in front of the sept, but others indicated this could be a grave risk to your security - and an understandable concern. As a compromise, I proposed that the knowledge be given only to the Council of Elders and under the eyes of the spirits and oaths of secrecy to reveal the knowledge to no one who is not an acknowledged elder in this sept. I don't claim to understand your kind, what you need, or what your plans are, but this didn't seem unreasonable to me and a mutual sign of trust."
Nolan lifts a brow and looks from Thane to the cougar, as though he might be able to read the cat's body language.
Jamethon comes in from the east, spear as walking stick helping him move despite stiffness offered by the cold. The Gatekeeper moves in towards the moot properly, clearly interested in being part of the proceedings.
Karin listens to Reagan's introduction and appears pleased at Alicia's confirmation as Warder. As Thane turns to the business of the mage and his territory claim, though, she turns more solemn once again, looking between two of them.
Monica, too, seems pleased by the confirmation, offering Alicia a broad smile, though she similarly sobers as the topic takes a turn. She murmurs something to Reagan once Thane's initial statement on the matter is made, but otherwise remains quiet.
Brings-the-Pack moves to stand on the limb, aborts the motion just as it's starting, as if considering what protocol might be appropriate--standing or remaining sitting--for this particular occasion. The motion resumes as the cougar opts to stand while speaking, in English, with the sept's Alpha. "It would indeed be a danger to me if many knew who I was, yet what you suggest is certainly not an entirely unreasonable request. However, I believe I may have already met the spirit of the request. Would it be acceptable if knowledge of who I am were made available to six members of the sept, of my choosing, who in turn all sept members knew of? If I were to ever pose a danger, or if others needed to contact me through other means, there would be established and accessible venues."
"This is not a night for negotiations." Alicia says calmly as she rocks her shoulders backwards. "This is not like buying a used car. This is about the protection of our Sept, Caern and it's members. Those who represent the tribes of our Sept are those who should be held in the highest honor and reputation within our Sept. I have known you since I was a cub and I have spoken highly of your deeds and what you have done for us over the last fifteen years or so. I personally feel at this point, the time for secrets is over. I came forth that my brother Benedict is a mage and no one batted an eye. We have had mages who were kinfolk represent the Sept in the past. /You/ know this, and I know that you know this. We all want to trust each other, yes? You standing here on our sacred ground with throat intact and no one here looking to bring anger towards you should be proof enough that the members of this Sept trust you and we do care about your well-being. What you are asking for, as Thane says, goes against the litany and any half-moon worth their salt would agree with that. I feel that if you wish to enjoy the perks of being a member of this Sept and claim land that is ours, land that we hold sacred to our Nation, that you should welcome Thane's reasonable request, so that we can move forward. We all get what we want, we all end up happy."
Nolan listens to the cat and then turns back to Thane as though he were expecting a ping-pong match, but when Alicia speaks he shifts his focus to her. Both brows rise and he folds his arms over his chest, a tight smile at his lips.
Monica's expression darkens somewhat at the cougar's response, chin raising. It's subtle, but present, and doesn't recede entirely with Alicia's rejoinder, none of which she goes to great pains to hide.
"I'm also aware there are elders already in this sept who know who you are." Thane remarks, calmly, though with the tone of someone playing a poker match and eyeing an opponent for a bluff. "There may already be six, for all that I'm aware. Five left, her aside." He says with a gesture of a thumb towards Alicia. "And to head off the question, No. No one has told me, save to say there are those who know. And no, I haven't demanded that information for all it is within my right to do so. I want a mutual agreement between allies. Brow beating it out of someone is hardly grounds to build trust on."
The cougar's gaze focuses on Alicia as she mentions Benedict's name, but whatever he might have said in response is, for the time being, muted. Instead, he responds to Thane. "Brow-beating it out of someone is indeed hardly grounds to build trust upon. Trust is a thing built over time, not just given away freely. And there are currently five who know, so one more would be six. As a gesture of good faith, and since it was not demanded nor brow-beat out of me, I would be willing to share who I am with the Alpha of the sept. The sixth."
Thane considers the counter-counter offer and his eyes squint as he thinks, for all only the one eye is still capable of focusing on anything. "As long as the Alpha and Warder know. We can confirm who else knows, this way we're all on the same page should there then be any security concerns, and keep it amongst ourselves. Should any of the sept have further issues, they can address it with Alicia. As Warder, sept security is now her primary concern. What are your requests for the territory, so I can be sure the sept is properly aware of that?"
When Thane gives his acceptance of the compromise, Nolan takes a step away from his support-tree and looks expectantly to Alicia.
Jamethon keeps his eyes dancing from participant to participant, though not necessarily on the person who is speaking at the moment. His mood is not as evident as many others present, rather he often gives a soft trailing grunt of thoughtful reflection.
There is a look of concern upon Alicia's face for a moment as she watches the back and forth between the pair. "If the Sept Alpha finds the terms acceptable, I will agree to them as well." She says as she gives a glance to the Shadow Lord. "But he needs to know who the other five are. That way we all have a way of getting in touch with each other."
"Now that the two positions are separate again, that certainly makes sense, and pairs with the arrangement I had with your predecessor, Jacinta, when she served as Alpha and Warder and I approached her about access to the caern in exchange for my assistance in protecting it." After speaking with Thane, the cougar then seems to address the sept. "I ask only what would be expected were a pack to be present on those lands. Give me the courtesy of privacy, howling to ask if you wish to visit or use the glade. I will be as reasonable as possible, but I may have visitors from time to time, and sometimes I may be involved in my work and not wishing to be disturbed. In return, I will do my best to protect the lands, and this will place me nearer should the caern be threatened or attacked and find itself in need of my services." He adds to this, "Nolan and Ghost suggested to me that I pair with a theurge. Someone who can assist me in better understanding the spiritual aspects of how garou respect and care for their territory. I think this would be an excellent idea, as I do not wish to offend garou nor spirits." Finally, to Alicia, he says, "You are one of the five. I will speak with the other four to see if they care to have their names revealed as having held this information privately. If one or more does not, then I will find others to ensure there are six in total."
Jamethon steps forward and offers in addition, "This is a matter I was going to speak with you about. I have conditions pertaining to my role as Gatekeeper. The Spiritual health of the Caern falls to me. I know that Brings-The-Pack has experience with the Spirits of the Caern, and perhaps the Bawn... as a Guardian would report, I need to know of the spiritual health of where you guard. I can work with you," he offers now with a slight bow of his head, "To make sure you understand how a Garou cares for the spirit of a territory."
Reagan is stone faced as she listens to the proceedings unfold. Her poker face holds true as the light of the flames dance on her pale skin and blonde, well-tended hair. Fingers steepled together her attention does not leave the Wizard as the bargaining unfolds. She has no voice here, a rank-and-file only so she keeps her trap shut nor does she draw attention, only backing up Monica's presence - clearly part of the Fury Elder's retinue.
Thane gives a single nod of his head to Jamethon at the Gatekeeper's offer. "That sounds like a good idea to me. You've also been Warder here, so you know those concerns as well. Jamethon is an honorable Garou, well regarded for his wisdom. I see no issues with the two of you working together."
"It would be harder to find a better crescent moon for the task," the cougar-mage says in response to both the Get and the Alpha. "Hopefully I will not be distracting you from more important duties, and merit the expenditure of your time." He might be secretive, but the mage is certainly humble. At least on the spiritual front. Or a suck-up.
Nolan reaches up to scratch the back of his head. "So, you know, especially out here in the woods where landmarks are less obvious than "the corner of fourth and main", we tend to use scent to mark territorial borders. How would you like to designate your claim?"
"Isn't this the second time peeing on trees has been brought up?" Thane remarks with a hitch at the corner of his mouth. "I'm sure he'll find an appropriate way that we all notice. Now, does anyone else have any discussions or concerns they'd like to bring up?"
Jamethon gives a huff of a laugh and waves off the words, "Work will impress me, not flattery." A pause then, "But thank you. I do have work to attend to and I feel my role in this meeting is finished." With that he gives a follow up nod to Thane, then to Alicia, and finally to the Mage and turns to head out for the night.
Alicia lifts a hand to her ex-packmate with a smile on her face, then gives a glance back to Thane with a slight shake of her head. "Only news I have is that I will be working with the guardians for the next few weeks as we look at any potential weaknesses our caern may have. That way we can preemptively put a process in place in case of a disaster."
"There's plenty," Monica says, "even if the discussion was 'closed' before it could start. Speaking frankly, it took long enough to explain an alliance with Black Spiral Dancers to the newest addition to the Furies here. Now, suddenly, *this* needs to be explained, which, overall, doesn't look so hot as a bullet point on the sept resume. A non-compromise, with a Mage that's blatantly calling the shots, for reasons that are beyond any newcomer with a functioning pair of eyes and ears." She glances to Karin, then back to Thane. Without reservation, she says, "That said: the Black Furies won't back this decision, even if we - for all intents and purposes - have to abide by it."
When Nolan's question is dismissed out of hand by the Alpha, he drops his hand to his side and shifts his focus to the cougar, in case he should choose to answer it, regardless. His attention is snagged by Monica, though, and he lifts his chin, looking over to her. "What does that mean?"
Brings-the-Pack stays quiet for the time being, letting the garou settle this particular dispute unless he's called upon, though he's quite clearly paying close attention to the discussion.
"Abiding but rebelling in private hardly suits your tribe." Thane remarks to Monica as he turns his full focus on the Fury elder. "So bring all of your concerns out into the open. No compromise would have just been giving him his request, nothing at all asked in return. As for this sept's resume, it has a very long history. I haven't been here for many, but like any other I'm sure it has it's darker points where things have been done no one is proud of. These are the last days, Monica. Survival doesn't always play by rules made generations upon generations ago."
There is a shift of Alicia's jaw as she listens to Monica, followed by a glower in her direction, obviously displeased. She takes in a deep breath, then lets it out between her teeth slowly.
"Respectfully," Monica replies, brow arching, "if I was rebelling privately, I wouldn't have bothered speaking in the first place. What I *can* do is voice the stance the local members of the tribe have taken, and I wouldn't be doing a particularly good job of that if I kept my mouth shut. As for concerns? I voiced those, at the last moot. If Karin is welcome to add her own, then she can speak for herself, on that front. When it comes to survival, though-- I'll ask that you don't assume that I'm unaware of what deals need to be made to ensure that survival. The Dancers were and *are* a bitter pill to swallow, but it had an explanation. Might not be easy to accept, but one could be offered. This?" She gestures loosely to the cougar. "Is a situation that's taken for granted. I, and my tribemates, don't know him. We don't enjoy the same 'good faith' that the rest of you do, and I'd suggest that it might be a good idea to take a step back, evaluate this entire exchange, and put some thought into what you're asking any incoming Garou to accept as rote. As I said: the Dancers are difficult, but not impossible, for exactly the reasons you gave. This? Is a different story. I don't think it's out of line to point that out."
Nolan stares for a beat, looks to the cougar, and then back to Monica. "Working with the Wyrm is easier for you than a mage who has saved the lives of several of the people standing in front of you, and has been, as I understand it, instrumental in defending the caern itself?" His tone implies true curiosity, not simply a challenge of her statement.
Karin looks to Nolan, addressing his comment rather than adding details to Monica's statement. "If anyone at this sept had suggested we hand one of Gaia's sacred places to the Wyrm, I rather suspect they would be dead now. Handing one to an ally veiled in secrecy is still troubling, particularly when the secrecy is so openly flaunted. That's a great deal for anyone to accept on faith."
Thane raises up a brow as he glances aside to the Fianna before returning his eyes to Monica. "For once, he and I agree on that question. I'm aware it's a difficult concept for a lot of Garou to consider, which is why I wanted to ensure at least some of us on the Council know so we can address concerns. I'm not insisting everyone in the sept suddenly invite him to dinner and call him brother. However, I do know the sept totems have backed him. If nothing else and with the aid Brings-the-Pack has given us set aside, that our own totems know of him and have expressed no concerns of danger... well that speaks volumes and they are far wiser beings than you or I."
Brings-the-Pack continues watching and listening from up on a tree limb, seemingly staying out of the debate unless pulled in directly.
Karin looks to Brings-the-Pack, then. "And to you: first, know that I hold no animosity toward you personally or to your kind. In fact, I find Mages utterly fascinating, so I don't want you to think I mean this question as a threat. But I would ask what protection you think this overt secrecy really provides you? We all know about you, and if one of us wanted you dead, the secrecy is an excuse. At best, it affords you the protection of being able to flee the city with less difficulty if an attack does happen and you survive it. Would it not make far more sense for you to declare your identity and be placed under the protection of the sept, instead? Then any enemies you may have among the Garou become all of our enemies."
"Having no voice in the decision to back the Dancers, not being present for it, is part of it," Monica says to Thane, Karin earning a nod for her contribution. "When I got here, it was firmly in the category of 'what's done is done.' That's difference enough on its own. That it was a decision made under duress is another. I wasn't going to waste effort and good airtime complaining about something that was already done and over with. The fact of the matter is, I don't know this-- man. This Mage. Until now, I wasn't even aware he was backed by the sept totems, which isn't for lack of trying. I've asked. The only thing I can figure is that it's yet another piece of information that's taken for granted. Would've actually been good to know. The equivalent of 'he's a good guy, trust me,' isn't exactly helpful. That, what you just said there? Is. Especially when dealing with allies that are, at *best*, poorly understood, and have a mile-long, storied reputation that even has its own title. That a Mage might be patient enough to carry on that marvelous tradition covertly, even over a prolonged period of time, isn't outside the realm of possibility. "Aside from that," she looks to Brings-the-Pack, herself, "I'll stand by what Karin's had to say about it."
"Whom have you asked?" Nolan says to Monica. "Because I've heard it several times." He grins, and jerks a thumb toward the mage. "But if a name is so important, I'll tell you his name. That's Chuck. Chuck Wintergarten. We've had several in depth conversations, and I'll tell you, he's a deep thinker." The grin fades, a more contemplative expression taking its place. "Does that help? What does that tell you that you didn't know, before?" His focus shifts to Karin and he adds, "What if his concerns about having his identity known had nothing to do with us, directly?"
"Then let him address it." Thane says with a point up to the cat. "This topic is about him. So he can explain his desires for secrecy far better than any of us can."
"Garou--and their kin--sometimes fall, are captured, or are tortured for information. It is a fact. Had I revealed who I was long ago to the garou and their kin, my identity would already be known to the Spirals many times over. My other life would be over." The cougar-mage states, "Currently, at best, if someone gave the name and identity I use with this sept to the Spirals, my other life continues. Would you, if you had the option, choose to risk your friends and families who had little means of defending themselves? Perhap some of you could, but I choose not to become a danger to them."
Currently the moon is in the waxing Full (Ahroun) Moon phase (94% full).
Karin tells Nolan, "Then Chuck Wintergarten should be placed under the protection of the sept, clearly, and be granted the rights that the Alpha deems appropriate." She shrugs. "Of course, someone that wasn't Chuck Wintergarten would have no protection whatsoever, nor ability to call on our aid. And if Chuck Wintrgarten were a false identity, and it was discovered, it would be serious cause to question his honor and intentions, and he would no longer have any standing in the sept at all, so I do, at least, appreciate that he did _not_ use that approach, even if I am also not fond of the one chosen."
"Neither am I," Monica says, keeping her eyes on Brings-the-Pack. "And unfortunately, the points raised are a false equivalency, tacked on to a question that has a no-brainer for an answer. On one hand, it's one I sympathize with, deeply, but on the other, it still doesn't inspire a great deal of trust. Making appeals to emotion to make your case doesn't--" She pauses-- one hand raising to rub at her temples a little. "It doesn't erase that," she says. "Not entirely. Anyway, I said we'll abide by the decision, so you won't be threatened or harmed by any of us, but - at the moment - I won't support it, and I won't ask the other members of my tribe to, either. Not in good conscience. That said, if you want to talk about it, you're welcome to swing by the Greekk House. As it stands, it's not likely to block your request, so putting in that kind of time and energy is entirely up to you." And she doesn't, for the most part, sound as if she's all that confident that he will.
"How many names do you have?" Nolan asks Karin, his grin returning. "Nicknames? Deed names? Cub names? Names your parents gave you? Names you used on paper in the human world? Names used after your cubnapping to avoid the law? Which ones are not real? Would you call a lupus garou dishonorable for making up a human name to use among kin or for venturing into the city? What makes one name real for you and another one not? What _does_ a name give you that you didn't have, before?" He shifts focus back to Monica to ask for the second time, "What does that mean? Abide but oppose?"
Brings-the-Pack settles onto his haunches, ears slightly splayed in feline amusement at Monica's final words. "I was likewise going to suggest you come by and talk with me at some point to hopefully ease your concerns. I have not been to the Fury's territory, but if you are extending an invitation to do so, I might take you up on the offer if you prefer meeting in that venue."
"I am," Monica says, expression easing some, "if Karin is comfortable with it, but I wouldn't be against coming to you, either. In fact, I'd like to." She affords the younger Fury a look, then turns her attention back to Brings-the-Pack. "And I'd like her to be there when we get a chance to talk, if she still has any concerns of her own." Beat. "Regardless of how what I've said might be characterized, I'm not openly hostile to reaching some common ground."
Karin also nods to Brings-the-Pack, "While I may not agree with the method of protection, I do appreciate those motives, as well as the answer." To Nolan, "An identity. A history. Garou do not just tell stories of one another's deeds because they are pretty words, but because they demonstrate glory, honor, and wisdom. And because that identity is secret, we see only some of those stories, which leaves us to wonder about the rest. But enough of that...I don't intend to waste more of any your time tonight arguing with a decision that has been made."
"Wherever you feel more comfortable," Brings-the-Pack replies to the Furies, apparently fairly at ease with whatever venue they happen to choose. "Please excuse me. I need to go let my cat out," the cougar-mage says (was that some sort of euphamism?) as he prepares to exit the gathering.
Nolan laughs, shaking his head. "They've talked about Chuck's deeds," he says, but he starts walking even as he speaks. "Over and over, they've told you about how he's protected the caern, how he's defended garou, saved lives. You had all of that with the deed name he shared. What you want is an invitation into his other life. You want to own a piece of him that he's not interested in giving. He's as much Chuck as I am Squirrel. It's a nickname. It's everything you need." He lifts a hand in a lazy wave as he heads the other way.
"Of course," Monica says, with a slight raise of her brow, watching the Mage depart. She nods to Karin, then, and says, "I really need to turn in. Are you headed back home?" At which point chit-chat and whatnot is dispensed, and a good time was had by all. This entry was originally posted at http://nick-garou.dreamwidth.org/126355.html. Please comment there using OpenID.


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