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Resignation and talking with theurges

I am officially no longer a Terminus employee. I turned in my two-week notice after I came back in the new year, worked to get things set up for the person replacing me, and wrapped up everything on Friday. I am currently jobless. To human society, at least. But my studies of magick and obligations to that community continue to become more and more demanding.

Shortly after the halfmoon moot where I was granted permission to claim territory, I met up with the Gatekeeper to follow him around the caern as he maintained relations with the spirits there. Jamethon is oddly introspective for a Get of Fenris. Perhaps that's something tied in to his auspice, or perhaps his auspice prompted that in him. But I do think I am learning, if anything, some of the nuances the Gatekeeper uses in dealing with different spirits affiliated with different aspects of the caern. I might be able to apply some of these concepts at the Mountain Bowl node. He did mention, in discussing territory, that there could be the potential of someone challenging me for the territory. He suggested, that if that happened, I should seek out the Master of the Challenge to set terms. Good advice. He then suggested that it might be a good thing if I change my appearance to that of a wolf and to speak the language of the garou. I'm not entirely sure that's a good idea. I think it might spook the garou or make them fear me. I can definitely make the sounds that a crinos garou makes, but the language? I suppose I could learn to speak it, but I've already gotten a basic grasp of their glyphs, and.... Frankly, there are better uses of my time.

Later, in a discussion with Mouse, I more or less confirmed these beliefs--that it would probably spook the garou if I were to emulate them too closely. Fortunately there are no Pumonca in the area, as they might take offense to my using the guise of a cougar. Mouse said she would talk to Thane and reveal herself as one of the garou who knew about me and kept my identity hidden from the sept. She wanted to be first to tell Thane in the event there was some kind of blowback. I don't think there will be, but this is precisely the reason I am asking those involved to make their own decisions. I also pointed out that, eventually, I suspect that my identity will be revealed. If two people cannot keep a secret, six people... the results will be inevitable. I hope to have established myself at the Mountain Bowl by then, as well as have wards up. I don't think anyone from the sept--not currently at least--would make an attempt on my life. But once the sept knows, it becomes only a matter of time before it leaks beyond them. To their foes. To mutual enemies. I do not look forward to those days, but I hope to be better prepared for them.

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