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Silvertip sent a little bird spirit to my cabin, where it promptly began annoying the hell out of me regarding Silvertip having gotten messed up by the Wyld once again. I tried ignoring it, but it was pretty damn annoying. Finally I consented and told it that, yes, I'd see him--HER--tonight.

Long story made short? She showed up a couple hours later with visual/audible echoes repeating what she just did. I was able to take care of that fairly swiftly--a simple Time, Spirit, Forces effect cancellation. Took me 5 minutes to unwork that effect. Easy-peazy. Curious that this keeps happening to Silvertip, though. I wonder if he's--SHE's (dammit)--doing this on purpose?

Silvertip recognized I was not in top form and summoned a BIG bear spirit right in the cabin's main room. It promptly smacked her, knocking her across the room and onto the futon. She had me tell the bear what I'd done to get hurt. (Saved the Fox that was Uktena kin from 3 BSD.) The bear seemed impressed and offered to repair me. I agreed eventually, then got licked repeatedly by a giant spirit bear. Pro: It healed me, didn't eat me, and didn't leave me covered in spirit-bear drool (ectoplasm?). Con: I'm sure I'll come up with something eventually.

Also of note? The spirit bear was unable to "heal" paradox. I'm still suffering from that. Great. Just great. But.... not unexpected, either. If mages can't do that sort of thing, then why expect spirits to be able to--when they're just a limited subset of the reality that mages have access to.

The bear told me to get some rest and sleep. I am not going to argue with the bear.

There's a cannibal in the city. Silvertip is going after it. I hope he gets it quick. I offered to inspect any items he found, in case that might help, but he'd have to bring them to me out in the cabin--I can't go out in public like this.

I feel ridiculous wearing these stupid green rubber kitchen gloves, but it lets me touch things without zapping myself--or electronics. At least I can waste time playing video games. From the couch. Under the covers. LOLCat does not want anything to do with me right now: he's been zapped three times by rubbing up against me.
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